Community archeology project

Started in 2012, through a research project coordinated by Professor Denise Schaan, the Program carried out workshops in primary and secondary schools in the municipality of Senador Guiomard, in the state of Acre. The events had as objective to discuss the musealization of the Geoglifo do Tequinho with the community around the archaeological site, especially students and teachers of the neighborhood schools. The project has a partnership with the Brazilian Society of Archeology (SAB), CNPq and the State Government of Acre. At the moment, educational books for use in the schools are being produced.


Colloquium of Historical Archeology in the Amazon

Since 2014, the Program has promoted the Colloquium of Historical Archeology in the Amazon, coordinated by Professor Diogo Costa. The event aims to present to the academic public of the Federal University of Pará and other interested parties, the researchers who work in the area of Historical Archeology in Brazil and abroad, as well as being a constant forum for discussion and exchange of experiences on the subject between the participants of the event. There are more than 32 hours of lectures and activities. In 2014, the event received 111 participants and by 2015, 80 people were present. Website: